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OLIMA Quantum Coating

  • At present, the industry's highest-level true composite coating is mainly 80% polysiloxane + 60% polysilazane + fluorine long-term linkage (high temperature synthesis in the reaction tank)
  • 2 agent in one type, it can reach 10H hardness (pencil hardness) + water repellent angle of more than 123 degrees + excellent long-term smoothness + anti-UVA&UVB and cleaning properties or acid rain effect
  • Effectively accelerate the construction of professional auto beauty shops, avoiding the situation that in the past, you had to take one dose and wait for it to dry before applying two
  • Half-life is at least 540 days or more

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OLIMA PRO Glass coating

  • OLIMA PRO玻璃鍍膜硬化後,會在玻璃表面形成一層保護膜,車速越快時水會自然吹走,不須雨刷,視野清晰更好
  • 玻璃不容易附著油污、水漬等髒污,清潔容易
  • 有效增加玻璃表面的滑度,使雨刷更滑順並減少雨刷跳動的可能
  • 可使用至少4~6台汽車的全車玻璃(包含前擋 側邊 後擋風玻璃 後視鏡 前+後大燈表面)


OLIMA【Sensation Coating】

  • Ensures a brilliant shine with immense clarity, depth, and warm glowing shine in the reflection.
  • 120-130° water contact angle (experiment results proven).
  • The sensational extra-smooth performance and unbelievable high C/P ratio is what you cannot expect from other brands’ carnauba wax.
  • Durable against PH 3.0-PH 13 cleaning agents.
  • Durable against UV & UVB light.


  • 一般中性泡沫洗車至少50次+以上.撥水角度110度以上(工研院實際測試)
  • 結晶後完全通過9H硬度測試(工研院實際測試)
  • 耐酸鹼性清潔劑清洗(PH3~PH13)
  • 抗UVA&UVB
  • 半衰期可達540~720天


OLIMA PQD Quick detailing

  • 高分子膜形成後產生極佳的手感滑度+亮度+撥水呈現
  • 非油性配方,使用PQD後可使灰塵較少沾附於表面
  • 適用各種車色與表面(深&淺色漆面,消光漆面,塑膠與玻璃等等)
  • 鍍膜後的絕佳維持劑,提高鍍膜附著的時效性
  • 亦可當一般打蠟後的維護劑


OLIMA Speed Quick Detailing

  • 熱固性成膜樹酯+矽氧烷+氟素鏈結
  • 濃度比同類型產品增加70%,手感滑度提升100%
  • 使用後可快速滲透填補金油層並於表面形成彈性保護膜
  • 有效增加膜厚+超滑手感+撥水性良好
  • 全車皆可使用(僅需要避免玻璃表面)